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6th Annual Big Bear Lake JazzTrax Summer Music Festival

Photo Contributions by Art Good Pat Benter Michael Massoud

Morning has broken Opening Day of JazzTrax on Big Bear Lake Floating Stage await audience and Stars of Smooth Jazz

Truly ON The LAKE

Chris Standring opening night Unplugged in the Tent at Sunset

Club Section Dining Area Above JazzTrax Lakeside Venue

General Admission cheap seats bring your own
low back beach chair or blanket Back Lawn

Toronto's Latin Guitarist Johannes Linstead

The Holloway Marina Festival Floating Suite

JazzTrax Stage sitting just off shoreline

Taking in festival from fishing boat.  Was Catch a Carp
weekend on Big Bear Lake

JazzTrax floating stage attracted every kind of boater....
even a Pirate Ship

JazzTrax even brought in the G.M of Bear Mountain Ski Resort
and lovely wife

With Peter White's Final Note.....Sun Sets on Big Bear Lake

JazzTrax Producer Art Good on Big Bear Lake Floating Stage

Producer Art Good and Toronto Latin Guitarist Johannes Linstead

British Guitarist Chris Standring Unplugged in the Tent
Opening Night Big Bear Lake

Party On from Pontoon Boat at JazzTrax on Big Bear Lake

Floating Stage on Big Bear Lake in the SummerTime Southern California Mountains

Warren Hill Performing from JazzTrax Floating Stage
on Mountain Lake

Front Row Beach Chair looking up at Saxophonist
Marcus Anderson on Floating Stage

Bringing Pooch to Listen to Live Smooth Jazz from
JazzTrax Floating Stage

Pirate Ship from Movie 'The Time Bandit' Gun Salute Passing
JazzTrax Summer Festival

1860's Southern Calif. Holcomb Valley Gold Rush in 'them' hills back behind JazzTrax Festival Floating Stage on Big Bear Lake

JazzTrax Audience Soaks in Every Single Warren Hill Floating Note

Guitarist Peter White wanders into audience at
2011 JazzTrax Summer Festival

Picturesque JazzTrax Festival setting on Big Bear Lake
Peter White on Stage

Peter White and daughter Charlotte on JazzTrax floating stage

Lakeside Lawn Marina Resort Big Bear Lake,
California 2011 JazzTrax Festival

Beach Chairs in General Admission and Assigned Club Section Seating and JazzTrax Floating Stage on Big Bear Lake June 24, 25, 26, 2011

Special Guest Saxophonist Eric Marienthal with Peter White on floating stage and lots of all kinds of Boating Behind

Peter White swings it in the Waters of Big Bear Lake while Saxophonist Eric Marienthal avoids Peter's Water Wake off JazzTrax Floating Stage

Dazzling New On the Lake JazzTrax Festival Venue in
Big Bear Lake, California

Now Maui Based Saxophonist Marion Meadows backdropped by the Pirate Ship at JazzTrax

Young Saxophonist Marcus Anderson Strolls into Lakeside
JazzTrax Audience

Jackiem Joyner on Stage June 26, 2011 Big Bear Lake

Jackiem Joyner on Stage June 26, 2011 Big Bear Lake

Art Good with JazzTrax Stage Director Gregg Hudson

Art Good & Saxophonist Jackiem Joyner moments before show

Saxophonist Jackiem Joyner Autographing new CD after festival performance

Pets allowed if on the water

Peter White/Gregg Karukas on Keys Big Bear Observatory
across lake backdrop

Lots of Lake this Summer for Stars of Smooth Jazz to FLOAT upon

Art Good post show with Saxophonist Marion Meadows

Peter White Minstrelling down floating stage ramp to
Serenade into Audience

Peter White Serenades Festival Goer in their Club Section Beach Chair

Art and Austin Good on floating stage

WHAT......no Pale Ale?  truly a Notti Girl waitress from Nottingham's

coming to a JazzTrax Mountain Lake Festival .... by Kayak

Latin Guitarist Johannes Linstead