If you remember and I know you do .. there were absolutely NO JAZZ FESTIVALS in America in 2020. Finally they covid-unfroze with The Seabreeze Jazz Festival this April 2021. Seabreeze which opens the Summer Jazz Festival Season each year, is in Florida and held Outdoors.

The Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival which closes each Summer Season of Fests is in California .. in the County of Los Angeles. In one of the stricter States. In one of the stricter Counties. JazzTrax is mostly Indoors.

As June began everyone here in California was waiting for June 15th when the State of California was scheduled to Re-Open Completely for the most part. Everyone was “Waiting to See.” But again, there is a big difference between Outdoor & Indoor even as the pandemic seems to be waning down.

The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles as June began announced they would 1st throw a big show for First Responders. Giving those Heroes Free Tickets. You can guess that all or almost all of that group is fully Vaccinated. Then the Bowl will open to the public with shows on July 3-4. But the Bowl will only open to 67% Capacity. And that is OUTDOORS. Then they would see how it goes from there towards fall. A slate of concerts at the Bowl announced through September but Capacity would be determined by how much Covid Cases continue to decline. And folks, Covid Cases will continue to decline based on how much of us participate in getting Vaccinated.

JazzTrax Festival Tickets Took Off March 1st, paralleling exactly as the Vaccine was getting out there for older and then for everyone. As more and more of us got Vaccinated .. JazzTrax Ticket Sales for October’s 2 Weekends 26 Miles Across the Sea ….SOARED. November is usually our biggest sales month because of Pre Ticket Sales and then at Thanksgiving huge sales as the next year’s Festival goes on sale to the general public.

Then other than November, October is our Biggest Sales Month because that’s the month of our festival. All the last minute decision makers and walk-ups and tourists who found themselves on Catalina Island and said “Really a world renowned jazz festival is happening here?”

This Month of May 2021 broke every monthly sales record we’ve ever had (outside of November explained above). Didn’t just break every October in our 34 years sales records, our ticket sales in May SMASHED through all records and were DOUBLE a normal May.

First Thank You but what that represents is that Smooth Jazz Lovers perception of the safety of coming to a Jazz Festival is back. And their desire to be at Jazz Festivals again …. is enormous. But here’s the catch and I’m asking you to help. First off most of you who are planning to attend this October’s 34th on Catalina Island are already fully vaccinated and ready to rock. I’ll bet 90% of Smooth Jazz lovers are fully vaccinated seeings how we are now no longer Spring Chickens and upper demographic’s. I am asking all who are going to attend this October’s resumption of the GrandDaddy of all Smooth Jazz Festivals .. since 1987 …. I am asking everyone to PLEASE COME FULLY VACCINATED. Come Vaxed to get Saxed.

Am I saying you have to? That will be determined by how much is relaxed after June 15th in the State of CA and County of Los Angeles. Note again, above, the outdoor Hollywood Bowl will first open July 3rd to only 67% capacity. JazzTrax is mostly indoors. Our capacity is basically 1,375 seats in the Avalon Ballroom. If we were told we could only do a mixed Vaxed/ Non Vaxed indoor crowd of 60%, that would be 825. As June began our Opening Weekend had already sold 887 tickets. Just Do the Math.

If we have to restrict, those Fully Vaccinated will get First Priority. If we have to segregate Vaxed from Only Tested I don’t even want to think yet about the nightmare of getting that accomplished because of a very small minority who decided to come to a major indoor jazz festival but declined to get vaccinated. Declined to get Vaccinated for the safety not only of themselves, but those seated around them. For the safety of the Stars of Smooth Jazz who’s performances on the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage will be making EVERYBODY SO HAPPY AGAIN. For the safety of our stage crew, the venue workers and the 1 square mile tourist seaport village of Avalon which depends on being as Covid Free as possible to survive economically.

Here’s an even clearer picture. Look at all the planning you did to come to the Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival. Carefully picking specific festival seats or table. Booking airlines into LAX. You planned your hotel or rental house accommodations carefully. You’re about to make Catalina Express boat reservations. And getting vaccinated takes about 10 minutes at your nearby Walgreens !!!!!

I had to get shots to travel to Europe 4 years ago, just to get on board the Dave Koz Cruise in Venice. My son has to have proof of Covid Vaccination to return to Loyola Marymount University for his Senior Year this Fall. Just to start Kindergarten 15 years ago he had to show proof of shots.

First and Foremost ……To ALL the incredible medical workers, Our First Responders who went through hell this past year in hospital after hospital. Rest Home after Rest Home. In Overflowing Wards under incredible pressure and tension and fear. Too tired to continue, yet they did. To Save US. On their own battlefield facing and facing off Covid. Tending to an overwhelming onslaught of a dastard disease that overtook our world the past year. THANK YOU

To All of You Who are Bringing the Center of the Smooth Jazz Universe back, 26 mlles across the sea this October .. Vaxed and Saxed .. THANK YOU

We don’t know yet what the regulations will be in the Fall. Restrictions will only Fall Further as more and more continue to get Vaccinated and we kill this Covid. If you are coming to Catalina Island in October .. Please Be Vaccinated. The one thing that will fully guarantee a totally successful JazzTrax Festival in October is for everyone to come Fully Vaccinated.

Even as I’ve already begun to put in Artist Offers for the 2022 Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival we’re so excited about finally being able to present the Artist Line-Up originally scheduled for last Fall. From Gerald Albright to Najee .. Jeffrey Osborne to Peter White & Euge Groove Together. The return after 5 years of Mindi Abair Unplugged Opening Night Oct. 14th Under the Stars on Descanso Beach (note that this show is almost Sold Out).

And so excited we found what could be one of the most exciting of our JazzTrax Festival Signatures. Our “Where Did He/ She/ or They Come From.” Always loving it when we can present a new artist that even we had never heard of when the year began. It was April when Salt Lake City Saxophonist Randal Clark appeared out of nowhere. His debut album ‘Imaginary World’ exactly that as Yellowjackets Bassist Jimmy Haslip co produced and appears throughout as does Jeff Lorber with a guest appearance by Randy Brecker. I suggested it could have been called ‘Randal Clark Meets The Yellowjackets and Jeff Lorber .. in Salt Lake City.’ Randal will open for Larry Carlton’s ‘Steely Dan/Crusaders Show’ Closing Weekend Saturday Night. Even Tom Scott is returning with his LA Express for the 1st time in 30 years !! He too played his sax on some of Steely Dan’s Songs.

In your planning to attend the JazzTrax Festival you can now get SINGLE DAY TICKETS if you are DayTripping over on any Saturday or Sunday. Because of Covid we are restricting to purchasing any Single Day rather than Single Session so no one is sitting in a seat someone else has sat in that day. Catalina Express will have Festival Late Boats returning to the Mainland each festival Saturday and Sunday after Final Performance, departing Avalon approximately 11:30 pm returning ONLY to Long Beach.

The Catalina Express Fall and Festival Boats Schedule was to be posted in early June so that you could begin making your Reservations to Get To Smooth Jazz Island. Best to get these made to make sure you can be on the boats best timed for when you want to ARRIVE on the Island .. then DEPART on always packed boats Post Festival Mondays. Landing in L.A. at LAX, minimum 2 hours, and 3 hours is most recommended between landing and boat departure and vice versa. www.CatalinaExpress.com Helicopters are much more expensive but take 15 minutes to the Island.

But this year MOST IMPORTANT is that if you are coming for the entire weekend YOU MAKE YOUR ACCOMODATION RESERVATIONS SOONER THAN LATER … LIKE MAYBE NOW !!! Catalina Island is having a post pandemic record SURGE in Tourism. Summer Bookings are UP Dramatically. Everybody wanting to finally travel and ya know, a whole lot of people live in Southern California. Catalina Island is 26 miles across from there. That Tourism Surge is likely to PUSH INTO FALL. We want JazzTrax Festival Goers to get Avalon’s Rooms before others do. And as hotel quantity shrinks, the price of the rooms will probably go The Other Direction. Get your JazzTrax Festival overnight accommodations now before pricing goes UP.

BALLROOM TABLES NORMALLY SELL OUT TO FULL WEEKEND SERIES PURCHASE You can still only get Tables at JazzTrax by purchasing a table for the entire weekend. If any are still available late in Summer some might be opened up for Single Day Purchase. Because there are a fair number of 4 seat tables that still have 2 seats available for purchase, we have locked in an equal number of tables that can only be purchased completely, all 4 seats so full groups can still get a full table. This will constantly be re evaluated and adjusted. Closing Weekend has currently the best selection of everything.

If you’re listening to Streaming JazzTrax you’ve heard 2021’s Brand New Tunes from Richard Elliot, Four 80 East, Jazmin Ghent, Jeff Kashiwa, Marion Meadows, Julian Vaughn, Jeff Ryan, Brian Bromberg and More. Check all that out on the JazzTrax New Releases page where you can also see what’s forecast forthcoming this Summer, Fall and even what will be the 1st New Releases of Next Year, 2022 !!

Streaming JazzTrax is already playing Late June’s Forthcoming Brand New Albums from Steve Cole, the Jeff Lorber Fusion, a new Dave Koz Collaboration with guitarist Cory Wong .. and we’re already playing from the forthcoming Marc Antoine that will be released sometime before he plays IT’s New Tunes, his first Brand New in half a decade, Thursday Evening Oct. 21st to open our JazzTrax Closing Island Weekend Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach. Can’t Wait ……… art good

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