Covid Regulations for the JazzTrax Festival

    New Covid Policy Update as of September 2021


    Everyone attending October 2021’s ‘34th Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival’ must be Fully Vaccinated and must show Proof. The Final Shot must have been administered at least 2 weeks prior to reaching our festival. With an official ID, passport or driver’s license to match your Vaccination Certificate. Just a Covid Test will NOT suffice. Masks may be required, at least while moving around venue. This is the direction almost all Entertainment Venues are going in California.

    I’ve tried to clarify all Summer where this Festival is at and what to expect. There should be no surprises and I have a high level of expectation that most of you WILL arrive with Proof of Vaccination. And I THANK YOU from the Bottom of my Heart.

    As we do everything we can to make our venue as safe as possible we plan to keep Air Flow going throughout the Ballroom. The Air Circulator will be on as it often is. But our best flow will come from keeping the French Doors OPEN throughout so those cool ocean breezes off Descanso Beach can flow through our Very High Ceilinged Room and exit through the opposite doors over Avalon Bay. I’m warning those at the tables closest to those doors to bring a jacket. Maybe a cap. I’m asking for your help and maybe a tiny bit of sacrifice to keep those doors open throughout. We’ll make the call on how open or partially open they are if it gets cool in the late evenings, but OPEN PLEASE. The rest of you, thank those at tables near those doors by I don’t know, buying them a bottle of wine?

    All Planning for Attending this October’s 34th Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival Should Go on Fast Track in your Planning


    We have sold at a Record Pace this Year and Expect Sell-Outs, and already have 1 Sold Out Evening. JazzTrax Festival Tickets have SOLD at a RECORD PACE since March when the vaccines rolled out. We have basically sold RIGHT NOW as many tickets at end of July as we sold TOTAL for all of 2019’s last festival

    Mindi Abair sold out in June for Opening Night, Thursday, October 14th Unplugged Under the Stars at Descanso Beach.

    Weekends in the Ballroom

    All Sessions have cleared the 1,000 sales mark.

    Both Saturdays have less than 250 tickets left, it’s never sold this well so early.

    Both Sundays are not far behind Saturday’s sales.

    For covid safety and security only Single Day Tickets are being Sold so no one is in another person’s chair that day.

    SINGLE DAY SATURDAY TICKETS include both the Afternoon & the Evening Sessions

    SINGLE DAY SUNDAY TICKETS include both the Afternoon & the Evening Sessions

    Catalina Express has a Festival Late Boat that returns only to Long Beach, approximately 11:30 pm after day’s final show has ended on both festival Saturdays and both festival Sundays (there is NO Late Boat after final performance on Thursdays or Fridays)

    Full Weekend Series Tickets where you own the same seat for all Friday, Saturday, Sunday shows are still available.

    Select OPENING WEEKEND FULL SERIES or CLOSING WEEKEND FULL SERIES to see which tables and ballroom floor chairs are still designated for All Weekend Purchase.

    The Ballroom seats only 1,350. We have restricted about 75 chairs in Ballroom Middle and Ballroom Back so during these Covid Times the seats aren’t touching. The whole Ballroom floor will be designed like Ballroom Front chair spacing

    Club Section, first 10 Ballroom Floor Rows is Nearly Sold out Both Weekends

    To those who pushed your 2020 Purchase to 2021 be sure and bring the New Tickets with the New 2021 Dates that were issued in April


    Because of Record Early Sales and Heavy Tourism these are Filling Up Faster than Ever.

    Catalina Express Fall Boat Schedule became available for Reservations in early July. The 11:50 a.m. return boats to Long Beach Mondays after both festival weekends, sold out immediately. Cat Express then added on Monday Mornings Oct. 18th and Oct. 25th, return boats to Long Beach at 7:50 am, 10:15 am & 2:15 pm. They also added Thursday boats when the 2 pm boats sold out on Mindi’s sold out Opening Day Please if you haven’t made your Boat Reservations yet make them now.

    If you are Daytripping to the Island Saturdays or Sundays during JazzTrax get those Boats Reservations made NOW including your Late Boat at 11:30 pm back to Long Beach if you are not staying on the Island. They have the ability to add boats or change to larger boats, but GET YOUR BOAT RESERVATIONS MADE NOW. There is also 15 minute helicopter service to the Island. Masks are still REQUIRED on the boats the entire hour to the Island. No exceptions But they have loosened a bit. You can now bring food and water on board with you and lower your mask while eating or drinking.

    Catch a 15 Minute Helicopter to the Island from Long Beach



    The Official JazzTrax Festival Hotels Page which also includes link to Chamber’s entire Avalon Hotels Listings

    Island Hotels on our 2 JazzTrax Festival Weekends are filling up faster than ever before. Also because of our Record Ticket Sales and our warnings, but also because with last year’s restrictions mostly gone everybody wants to get to the Island.

    As August hits more non jazztrax travelers will be looking to book Avalon Hotels in the Fall on our festival weekends even if they aren’t coming to the festival. Get the rooms before they do. Like NOW.

    Where to stay overnights including Rental Houses During Oct’s Fest on the Island

    611 South Palm Canyon Drive

    Suite 7-458

    Palm Springs, CA 92264-7402

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    This Year's Magic of October on Catalina Island

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    611 South Palm Canyon Drive

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